Our Background

Laundromats are not a new service--in fact most communities has one.  A very reasonable question to ask is 'What makes Laundry Central different than those other ones?'. 

After almost 30 years in a business where offering great customer service and providing quality products was just how things were done, it only made sense that Laundry Central should do the same!  So with a hunch that we can provide a self-serve laundry center where customers would happily return over-and-over , we embarked to answer that question!  

​So in four easy points, Laundry Central is:

  • A destination where patrons can do their own laundry in quality, commercial grade equipment.   

  • A depot where customers can drop off and pick up their special dry-clean garments

  • A staffed center that provides wash-and-fold service to those who just don't have time!

  • A safe, comfortable atmosphere.

​We are committed to providing a service that earns your confidence...come and give us a try!

Shawn and Andrea Monette

Our promise


We aim to:

  • Provide a safe, secure environment for all clients.
  • Provide amenities  that  makes our space comfortable and pleasant for clients.
  • Provide equipment and resources to enhance our client experience.
  • We know that equipment can fail however we commit to provide serviced, working equipment to our clients.
  • We will serve you with a smile!

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