Wash and Fold Service



  • Are you a busy professional trying to balance your career and your home chores? 
  • As a business owner--does cleaning the towels, sheets, uniforms, napkins, (you can fill in whatever you need to wash!) take too much of your time?
  • As a coach at a school or recreational sports club do you wonder if there is a better way to have all those uniforms cleaned? 

​Our Wash N' Fold Service can look after this for you.  Drop your laundry off and within 24 hours (week-days!) it will be washed, dried, folded and wrapped, ready for you to pickup!  

Although we have heavy duty washers and dryers, we are not a high capacity commercial laundry center.  Our experienced staff will care for your laundry as if it were theirs--so you can be sure your order will get special attention.  If you have special requests such as 'no-fragrant soap' etc. just request it from us.  And--we will remember your preferences in our data-base for next time!

PRICE: $1.50 per pound (weighed upon arrival).  Minimum $15.00.  This includes soap and fabric softener.